Grand Champion Heifer

Champions are BUILT with Oxy-Gen!

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Pozzi Performance

Oxy-Gen has developed a new line of premium products with Brittany Pozzi. Check out the Pozzi Power Pack and Relax products today!

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2014 WPRA Rookie of the Year

Sarah feeds Pozzi Power daily and uses Performance Gold Rush before each run!

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Another Team McLeod win!

Lindsay uses Oxy-Max, as well as Oxy Silver and Oxy Zen from our premium EQUINE 7 line!

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What IS Oxy-Gen®?

Where do ideas for our products come from? Experts in the field! We develop relationships with people who have decades of experience in their areas. We get to know them. We ask them what they do to prepare an animal for a show or event. We take their expert knowledge, and develop products to meet their needs, and make their animals even better.

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Meet the Oxy-Gen Team Leaders

Meet the Oxy-Gen Team Leaders responsible for our customers’ satisfaction!

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Recent Wins

Meet the recent winners who use Oxy-Gen to raise their Champions!

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Kristen Yunker

Kristen Yunker

“Oxy-Gen was a great addition to our horses’ nutrition! After trying other supplements, it was very frustrating to have to feed partial doses to prevent our horses from getting too “hot” and hard to handle. When I decided to give Oxy-Gen a try, I was so surprised by the difference I noticed: both of my horses are now calm, cool, and collected while performing at the very top of their game! The supplements are easy to feed to my picky eaters and my horses recover much quicker after their runs. We use the Oxy-Gen Pro-B and Bleeder Stop daily, as well as Jailbreak GI before hauling and competitions. I would recommend anyone who feels that their horse is not performing to their full potential (or that want to maintain their star) to give these products a try! Thank you Oxy-Gen for helping my team!”

Kyndal McCown

“The very first time I used OxyO2 from the Oxy-Gen Equine 7 line I noticed a tremendous difference. My horse was much calmer and had a new confidence about him. Usually after warming up for a run he gets very excited, I normally get off of him and hand walk him to prevent him from “washing out”. After using the OxyO2 he warmed up normal and then proceeded to walk around comfortably without me having to get off of his back. When it came time to run, he fired harder and turned harder than ever! I was so happy with these results.

“Digger will definitely continue to run on OxyO2. I love it!”

Kyndal McCown, Vivian, LA

Kaylon Rodriguez

“I have tried several different supplements but I have found nothing like Oxy-Gen. I have my horse “Madams Bit of Fame” on the Oxy Max and I give her the Oxy O2 before we run and it is amazing!! There is nothing else like it!!”

Kaylon Rodriguez, Polk City, FL

Wes Pope

“Our steer was having digestive problems during the Georgia National Show and he had gone off his feed. I was desperate to get him back eating so I was told to try Jailbreak GI for livestock and after only a few days he had returned to eating and feeling better. We also use Shag from Oxygen for a great hair coat. We went on to win Reserve Grand Overall Steer. Thanks to your product.”

Wes Pope, Hogansville, GA

Ally Hayes

Ally Hayes

Oxy-Gen Inc

Congratulations to Sherry Cervi and Michele McLeod for letting Oxy-Gen be a part of your road to championships!