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Intensive Hoof Care for Livestock

Intensive Hoof Care for Livestock

Includes CircQlate!

Enhanced Blood Flow • Improved Hoof Structure • Increased Circulation • Natural Hoof Support

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Product Facts:

INTENSIVE HOOF CARE™ for Livestock is a topdress supplement for livestock of either sex and all ages.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein, min — 19.00%
L-Lysine, min — 1.00%
L-Arginine, min — 0.50%
DL-Arginine, min — 0.50%
Crude Fat, min — 1.40%
Crude Fiber, max — 8.50%
Zinc, min — 41 ppm



Corn Meal, Soybean Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Cotton Seed Meal, Roughage Products, Brewers Dried Yeast, Wheat Germ Meal, Vitamin E Supplement, L-Lysine, L-Arginine, DL-Arginine, Biotin, Zinc Methionine Complex, Copper Sulfate.

Feeding Directions:

For major problems, feed one enclosed scoop (3 ounces) per day. For minor problems and maintenance, feed one-half scoop (1.5 ounces) per day.

  • $67.00

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Tags: Livestock, Vitamin E, Hoof

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